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Know thyself, build a second brain, and unleash your creativity with writing. All in one journaling, note-taking, and dots-connection method that fits into your busy life.


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Deep dive on human potential, creativity, and economic empowerment through personal insights, actionable strategies, and reflective practices.



Just using vibrations to connect people

Hey I’m Nifemi of NapoRepublic

I have a strong desire to express myself creatively, reflect on life, and help others do the same.

I believe modern living is much more fulfilling through a healthy dose of curiosity, and the practice of making time for creativity, self expression, and reflection (even if you don’t consider yourself creative).

I help busy people fit a personal creative practice into their lives to bring order to their reality and help them live a more meaningful life starting with writing, and reflection.

I’m an Entrepreneur, Engineer, writer, Author, music-maker, and generally a curious mind.

NapoRepublic started as a moniker I used to release beats on SoundCloud. Now it’s a space for over 200 curious and creative minds.

NapoRepublic welcomes fellow curious minds who question the system and seek tools to transform our realities for the better.