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Tell Your Story in 2024 to Live a Fuller Life (Unless Your Storytelling With Toffy’s Domes Pass)

I did one thing that changed my life.

I wrote a book and told my story.

There’s the external validation.

You get some pay. You get a few people who call you an author. You even get to decorate your house with your own book.

All cool. 

But more important was the internal change that happened.

I realized what was important to me.

Telling my story was a discovery process.

I learned that changing the narrative for misrepresented people was important. I learned how much I cared about creative empowerment and economic mobility.

What started as a story to highlight the power of music put me on a path to embrace my storytelling gene.

It changed the way I live and as you go into the new year it can change yours too.

Seasons Change

Things go in cycles. Time zooms by fast. Years come and go. It can all seem like a blur.

You can’t change what you are not aware of. You build awareness through knowing yourself and writing your story.

Storytelling is the ritual of a hopeful society. 

That’s why I believe that as we go into 2024, you will benefit a lot from writing, discovering yourself, and telling your story.

Even if it’s just to yourself.

Tell your story, build awareness, drive change, and deliver hope.

Tap into your storytelling gene and connect with your true self.

Telling Stories

When you tap into the narrative gene, you become like a magnet that attracts ideas and people you want to be around.

Telling your story from your unique perspective helps you develop more awareness.

You connect to your true self. You develop accountability and honesty.

That’s how it happened to me. 

I started out journaling.

Then I started writing a blog for a website on building businesses in Nigeria. That blog turned into a business that helps global corporations with their expansion in Africa.

I continued that path and wrote Press Play: Music As a Catalyst for Change.

I never planned to be an author, then my second book, Toffy’s Divide, won an award for science fiction (wooh, where did that come from?)

Following that path, this year I published my third book, The Underrated Art of Creative Living (you should have a free digital copy of that in your email from one of my letters).

Writing creates generosity. It allows you to tap into the bliss of life (even if it’s just for brief moments between work).

Writing has helped me as an engineer, storyteller, and entrepreneur.

With 3 books published, I’ve learned the importance of telling stories and I want to inspire you to tell yours.

My next book, Musta’s Mixtape, will be published in 2024.

And I want you to come along on that journey with me as I provide stories, tools, and systems to spark the storyteller in you.

What is Musta’s Mixtape?

Musta’s Mixtape is a prequel to my award-winning first (dystopian) novel, Toffy’s Divide.

This time we follow the story of Musta the magical musician who creates the vibes.

It’s the second novel in the Toffy’s Domes series.

Toffy’s Domes Pass is a digital token collection I launched last year to empower storytellers.

What You Get

When you get a Toffy’s Domes Pass

You get access to my next book.

This is my attempt to revolutionize the publishing process for independent authors.

Each Pass gets you:

  • a paperback copy of the book.
  • your name in the acknowledgments.
  • access to an exclusive author community.
  • and tools, templates, and courses to help you tell your story.

There are 405 passes:

When I pre-sell:

  • 120 copies (passes) of my book, I will publish a paperback and ebook.
  • 150 copies (passes) of my book, I will also publish a hardcover edition.
  • 200 copies (passes) of my book, I will publish a hardcover and an audiobook.

Get Your Book Published

(With a publishing scholarship)

By supporting Musta’s Mixtape, you help me publish my next book, get your name acknowledged as an amazing supporter of modern art, and get tools and templates to start or amp up your writing journey.

But it doesn’t end there.

The journey is not fun when I go alone.

When I pre-sell:

  • 400 copies (passes) of my book, I will publish the book of another aspiring author (pass holder) with our writing & publishing scholarship (voted on by the community).

It could be you discovering yourself through your next book 😉

This movement will not be televised.

Line up Line up. Line right up.

Get in on this storytelling train.

Your pass starts at $49.

You have the option to get:

  • 1 Pass
  • 2 Passes
  • 10 Passes

All with different ​tiers and perks​

My goal is to inspire a generation of diverse storytellers.

Hope you’ll join in.

The campaign for Musta’s Mixtape ends on January 17, 2024!

But get your pass now because your ​storytelling journey starts here​ before the new year.

Wishing you a happy new year in advance.

Lead with intention.

Yours truly, Nifemi

P.S. If you are planning on waiting until next year to get your pass, how about ​you just get it now before it sells out​ 😉

Who is Nifemi?

Hey I’m Nifemi of NapoRepublic

I help busy people fit in a creative practice to bring to bring order to their reality and help them live a more meaningful life through writing and reflection.

Sculpt your story

Know thyself, build a second brain, and unleash your creativity with writing. All in one journaling, note-taking, and dots-connection method that fits into your busy life.