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Crack The Code of Your Life With These 4 Steps You Didn’t See Coming

OK, maybe I didn’t crack the full code.

I mean, who can? 

The quest to fully comprehend the structure of reality is an ongoing journey.

Science research labs in different pockets of the world are on the quest. Spiritual monks are on their quest too.

All to understand why? Why, you and I are here.

But I’m just a regular guy, trying to pay my bills, while I stay alive. But built on that foundation, I also want to thrive.

The reality is the answers are encoded in the vibes.

The Coded Universe

A lot of people are just going through the world, shoulder-slumped, defeated.

Health is depreciating. Wealth is concentrating. 

In your mind, constantly negotiating on what to do next?

Is it a job?
Is it a business?
Hop on this trend?
Should I go spend?

We are in an era of abundance and our consciousness has not evolved to match and manage the information overload.

The biggest challenge we face is finding focus. It’s so easy to distract, overthink, and procrastinate.

Wait. Hol’ up…

I can hear the echo chambers roaring.

“What’s the point, anyways? The machines are just going to take over. Might as well throw your hands up like a hijack.”

“I’m so poor, all I have is money. I’m making so much money but I can’t seem to find happiness. ”

Woah..there’s a lot to unpack there.

For now, let’s get back to this underground writing game.

The universe is expanding. Disorder is increasing.

Your purpose on this planet is to manage all the chaos going on around you.

Your evolutionary role is to crack the codes of the universe.

There are codes all around you.

It’s easy to dismiss when you’ve been submerged in it your entire life.

Your consciousness is all the information you consume.

Peace of mind is bringing order to your consciousness with activities you do while alone or with people.

Intelligence and creativity are recognizing patterns in this consciousness.

When you become aware of all the codes around you, you will be able to bring order to your world, foster your creativity and intelligence, and live a more meaningful life.

Real wealth is peace of mind.

Being in control of your consciousness is what drives quality relationships with people and yourself. 

You are in a sea of codes and you’ll drown in it if you don’t learn to swim.

Don’t code switch, code swim.

4-Way Path To Code Breaking.

It’s hard to understand what you can’t observe. 

To get to the codes, you have to first observe the three main codes around you.

You’d pay more attention to them when you start seeing them around.

You’ll curate what you want to be exposed to. When you understand these codes, you’ll learn how to spot patterns.

You’ll order your consciousness and become better at navigating your purpose.

Here are 4 ways to start code-cracking:

1. Understand Words

Let’s start with the word. 

No, I’m not going on a religious rant. I’m talking about the code of language and sounds.

Nothing brings more order to the chaos than naming something.

That’s why the word is so important. Naming and categorizing things allowed us to record, document, and experiment.

This is the basis of science. Language is a symbolic system we use to think.

We use it to communicate with one another and to understand the structure of our reality.

Some of the great thinkers think for the pleasure of doing it.

When the goal is placed solely on the material reward, then it is not as pleasurable.

Writing and documenting enhances and puts us in optimal experiences. It allows us to reflect on ourselves, the community, and the world around us.

“The building blocks of most symbol systems, words make abstract thinking possible and increase the mind’s capacity to store stimuli it has attended to” 

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Author of FLOW

Whether written or spoken, words and sounds are codes that carry pockets of information around you.

2. See Numbers

Civilizations were built on numbers.

A few years ago, I was reading a book on Yoruba religion and philosophy.

That’s when I learned my tribe had a unique numbering system that was similar to binary language used in modern computing.

This is how my ancestors communicated with the divine.

In ‘0s’ and ‘1s’ based on the side the cowrie shells (attached to a long string) land.

Numbering systems have cut across cultures over time.

They serve a function for accounting, communication, and understanding.

The Egyptians started their numbering system as people fled the nomadic life to the Nile around 6000 BC.

They used the 10-base system, like we currently do, mainly because of the number of fingers on our hands.

The Babylonians came with their system (Babylon system) as people gathered around another water body, the Euphrates, in 1200 BC.

They counted in 60s (because it was easily divisible). The ‘60s’ of the Babylonians can still be seen today, 60 seconds, 60 minutes, 360 degrees.

The Mayan culture counted with a 20-base number system. They were great with astronomy and represented their numbers in a combination of dots and strikes.

The Indians discovered the number 0.

Numbers were used to account for livestock, taxes, area of land, and the movement of planetary bodies in the sky.

This accounting system has evolved into our current-day binary numbers (0s and 1s) that run the computer in your hand.

The benefit of binary numbers is that there are only two digits compared to ten digits of decimal numbers.

This simplicity lends well to easy computation.

Binary digits were put forward by a German polymath Gottfried Leibniz.

He found it interesting while studying an ancient Chinese book “I Ching – Book of Changes” about balancing polarities and opposites.

He built a mechanical calculator – a predecessor to the modern computer.

He thought that scientists shouldn’t be enslaved to calculations when they can outsource them to machines. (I bet he’d love AI).

Most of the interactions you have with your phone and computers, from text messages to music to videos happen through a transmission of these binary codes.

“After names came numbers and concepts, and then the primary rules for combining them in predictable ways”

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Author of FLOW

From ancient civilization to modern computing, numbers are the base of accounting and communication. We use them to make sense of the world and keep track of what we’ve done and will do.

Master numbers, master the universe.

3. Feel Shapes

You can’t avoid shapes in your life.

Why is it that when you turn a wire into a square, dip it in soapy water, and blow on it, you get a sphere bubble

Why not a cubed bubble?

What about a triangled wire, you still get a sphere-shaped bubble.

It’s because the sphere is the easiest shape for nature to make.

It requires the least amount of energy.

Energy in this case is proportional to the surface area of an object.

For the same amount of volume occupied in any shape, the sphere has the smallest surface area, making it the least energy-intensive to make.

Nature loves to work with ease. You can too.

If mathematics is the language of the universe, numbers are the letters and shapes are the words.

Geometry can be found all around nature. 

Circles of tree trunks, hexagons of beehives, and triangles of animal ears and noses.

These plane shapes expand into spatial elements. The sphere of the earth, cylinders of sprouted tree trunks, the hexagon of snowflakes, and the cones of pine trees.

If you pay attention, you will see these patterns everywhere. 

We combine them to create new objects. We use them to represent things and movements in drawings. We use them for technical calculations and product design.

The atoms that make up your body are represented by spinning spheres and slim cylindrical tubes.

The better you get in tune with shapes, symmetry, and asymmetry the better you’ll get at understanding the world around you.

Bring shapes to your life.

4. Crack The Code

Cracking the code is all about counting and pattern recognition.

People are always looking for codes.

The latest secret hack to achieve growth. The latest codes to facilitate advancement.

Coded messages are called a cipher.

As long as the sender and receiver are aware of how the message is coded, then the message can be deciphered.

Take English for instance – there are 26 alphabets.

One way of coding a message is through letter swapping: switching out one letter for the other.

With 26 letters that can be substituted for the other, there are 26! possibilities.

This is approximately 400 hundred million billion billion possibilities.

So does that mean it is impossible to crack encrypted messages?


In the 9th century, an Arabian polymath developed what is now known as cryptanalysis.

Codes can be undone by counting.

In the English alphabet, letters appear at different frequencies.

For instance, in English, the letter E appears 13% of the time, D – 12%, while Z, J, and Q are the least common.

So in a scrambled text, you can start with a frequency analysis.

For instance, in a coded message, where alphabets have been swapped, if T appears 13% of the time, there’s a good chance it’s an E.

You continue to iterate this process until you decipher the code.

“A code is a systematic way of arranging a set of symbols to convey a particular meaning.” 

~ Marcus Du Sautoy, Author of 
The Number Mysteries: A Mathematical Odyssey Through Everyday Life

As long as you can count, you can crack the code. That’s how people spot cultural and financial trends.

History repeats itself.

Final Thoughts

Everything around you is a symbol.

As long as you pay attention to the codes of letters, numbers, and shapes, you can decipher anything.

But to get there, you have to train your ability to recognize and then count.

That’s how you separate the noise from the signal. That’s how you know what’s a trend and what’s here to stay.

And to do that, you have to figure out the codes you want to pay attention to. More importantly, you have to arrange these codes to convey and bring meaning to your own life. 

You’ve seen the codes around you but less obvious is the space around the code.

The negative space: the space between words, the space that engulfs the room that the shape of furniture sits in, the space between the numbers.

The universe is filled with empty space. You are filled with empty space.

Cracking that code comes from within.

Get cracking.

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